Trip Bookings and payments:

Please read the information carefully before you book the trip with us. Your booking will be accepted when you dully filled and signed an application form, scanned your passport and acknowledged the term and conditions signed in the bottom. All send by post mail or via email along with bank deposit voucher as agreed in quotations or email conversation on the Name of Sarva Travel P. Ltd. 75% tour cost amount should reach to our account prior to 50 day of the tour start date. Rest of money you can pay on arrival at Kathmandu.

Cancellation & money back:

  • If you wish to cancel the trip, you must notify us in written or by email 45 days prior to tour commence date. However, you must bear the following cancellation charges when we purchased domestic flight tickets and permits of restricted area or other government related formalities are completed. We cannot refund your token money. We will return your money as below time frame.
  • 30 days prior to tour departure date, we will refund all money as agreed in contract paper. Amounts paid to flight tickets are fully refundable.
  • 20 days prior to tour departure date 75% of total tour cost.
  • 15 days prior to tour departure date 50 % of total tour cost.
  • 10 days prior and below cannot return your money.

Tips and Gratitude:

Tips are not mandatory included in our cost; we have experience, hardworking, knowledgeable & dedicated crew members whom we are paying better wages then other operators. However they will be expecting be reward of (Some cash amounts) at the end of the trip. Without hard working of crew members, who take cares of you, your trip may not success and memorable one. We would like to request you thanks them with minimum amounts of Chinese Yuan 500 to 600 (US$ 100) each pilgrims. This is another way of get blessed from the God`s through the satisfactions of hard working crews whose services values in the High Himalaya couldn’t compare with the money. The values of your pilgrimage will counts how you behave & treat them. No matter you give them good tips, you can give them love & blessing.

Know before you book the trip:

  • Geography:

Lake Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash is located in North West corner, near of Nepal border on Tibetan plateau above the 4500m from sea level. The atmospheric air is under low pressure and oxygen level is about 25 – 35 % in the dry season and 45-55% in August/ September when snow mild & grasses grew up after monsoon.

  • Health.

When you mentally ready to take part in for the pilgrimage, your health should suite for you. Consult your doctor regarding your health issues. Take medical examination certificate from your doctor that you are fit enough to travel in high altitude region. In such place you may suffer from Hypoxia(less oxygen). In the rarefied atmospheric conditions may develop ailments like pulmonary edema/cerebral edema and AMS – Acute Mountain Sickness etc. You need to be screened thoroughly before they are induced into high altitudes.

  • Altitude sickness & solutions.

Anyone can get altitude sickness. No matter of your age, size, weight, etc.   None of the medical research discovered medicine of it. The only way of relief is you have to return to lower altitude. Drink plenty of water, tea, coffees, soups & liquid produced oxygen in your body. Doing Yoga and Meditation can control altitude sickness.

  • Rescue & Emergency Evacuations

While people become sick in High altitude, should go back to lower altitude as soon as possible. Do not try as wait and see. We can arrange an emergency vehicle to take to you the nearest health post or hospital. If required, we can also arrange to take to you Kathmandu via Taklakot/Burang by air ambulance. Make sure that you have emergency evacuation rescue insurance. Let an insurance agency undertake your emergency evacuation insurance, which will avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Insurance.

If you do emergency evacuation insurance help you get out of trouble. We suggest you to buy reliable emergency insurance.

  • Tibet Permit & China Visa.

Tibet permit is a documents /invitation letter issue by Tibet Tourism Bureau inviting tourist to particular dates and places mentioned. With support of the invitation letter, we enable to submit china visa at The Embassy of The People`s Republic of China. We apply Tibet permit at least 45 working days in advance. Any tourist travelling to Tibet will get paper group visa valid for single entry only. You cannot travel individual to other part of China with this visa.

  • Age Restrictions.

Normally people aged 50+ preferred to take part in for the pilgrimage/Yatra. In the past few years, Tibet authority restricts the people more than 70 years.

  • Accommodation & Transportation

In Kathmandu and Lhasa, there are internationally recognized chain hotels as per your budget. In Ali and Darchen, we can use 4 star standard amenities. But in the bank of Mansarovar and during the Kailash kora accommodations are basic. Do not expect the high standard, like any other part of Tibet. The road to Kailash has built very smooth like you travelling in city.  

Choosing tour operators:

Many online travel portals involving to book pilgrimage trip to Lake Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash. But, those are not authentic and meaningful Kailash Yatra Organizer in the views of spiritual way. They are not aware of the situations, climate, geography and obstacles may arise during the period pilgrims travelling to the destinations. Some of Agencies from India & abroad are not providing the right information to their customers at the time of booking. They involve in competitions markets to generate the booking without proper information to the pilgrims. They just give low price to book more numbers of pilgrims from the market. Some of agencies in Nepal also play the game on life of pilgrims. Unhealthy tour cost competition by the tour operator finally against the ethic of pilgrimage. The value of pilgrimage will be meaningful while the amounts of all portions fully paid by operator/ organizer. When you completed your pilgrimage without any problem and the patron that involve in operations (Sherpa staffs, airlines, food supplier, hotels, transportations etc.) does not get paid, your mission is complete but your Pilgrimage is incomplete. Among the agencies only few (20%) agencies give the right information’s, paid their patrons, will charge higher than the booking agencies that offer a lower price to generate business. In the previous year, many pilgrims lost their lives due to unhealthy price competitions in the markets (lower cost not enough to provide enough numbers of crew members and proper services in the high altitude) Few groups are cheated by Indian and Nepalese Kailash tour booking agencies. Please choose right agencies rather than the low cost. No matter you use our service or some other good service provider. You should not cheat on the name of pilgrimage.

Things to be carry with you

Warm Clothing’s: Monkey cap and hat, Jacket and rain coat, 3-4 pants, trousers Warm thermal ware, 5-6 extra cotton banyans etc. Foot ware: Water proof high ankle shoe if you are doing kora. Sports shoe and 5-6 pairs of cotton or woolen socks & a pair slipper. Medicine: Please do not forget to bring your regular medicine that you using regularly. Consult your doctor for other necessary.
Toiletries: Soaps, tissue, napkin papers, Hankie, Cold cream/sun cream, tooth paste/brush, use and throw sandals, easy dry light towel etc.
Electronics: Battery durable android phone, chargeable extra batteries, still camera, torch light, Multi plugs to suite your device, Solar charger recommended etc.
Dry foods: Peanuts, Kaju, Kismis, Badam, dry fruits – grapes, Chocolates, Diary Milk, sinkers, Namkeens, Bhujiya etc.
Utensils: Sun glass, thermal water bottle, nail cutter, Swiss knife, Matches or lighter. Alarm clock, Binocular, sticks, lip guard, Dusk masks etc.
Puja Item. Bel patta, incense, ghee, Matches, simrik, raw cottons, Pyala for coconuts, water gallons etc. Others: We suggest you to bring your favorite stuffs that you are using during the travel in other part of the world.

We wish you happy wealthy and healthy trip.

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